Becoming a 20s & 30s Leader

Leadership Training

Thanks for your interest in leading trips with the 20s & 30s committee!

There are a variety of training options, to help fit individuals’ needs and schedules. If you’d like to be notified when new training opportunities are available, please use the form below.

See details about Leadership Training here.


What kind of training should I take?

That depends on what kind of trips you want to lead. If you are interested in local hikes and socials, you only need to attend the one-day leadership training. If you want to lead back country trips, you will need more training.

How much more?

The AMC offers one weekend of leadership training geared specifically towards people in their 20s and 30s. Or you can attend the Boston Chapter Leadership Training, which is two weeknight evenings and a weekend.

That’s not so bad. When is it?

The Boston Chapter offers training in the spring and fall. The 20s &30s  training is also typically held in the fall.

Great! After that I can lead my own trips, right?

Not quite! After you attend the training weekend, you will be qualified to co-lead trips, but you will still need to co-lead some trips with a leader before leading on your own.

Hey, I’ve been on a hike with a co-leader before.

They’re fantastic, aren’t they? Co-leaders help leaders manage the logistics of a trip: posting the trip, screening participants, making sure the waiver is signed, welcoming participants the day of the trip, and managing the group.

So all I need to do is take the training, convince other people to hike with me, then go hiking with them?

I know, it seems too easy, doesn’t it? There are official rules, but you’ve gotten the gist of it.

Aside from the training, that’s how I usually spend my spare time!

Us, too!