Conservation and Volunteering

Mass Audubon's Drumlin Farm and Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Help improve the successional shrub habitat used by resident and migratory birds, as well as small mammals and other wildlife.
  • Help improve the vernal pool habitat used by salamanders, frogs, and other aquatic and semi-aquatic wildlife. 
  • Assist the crops manager with planting and harvesting crops.

Preparing garlic for planting

Helping with farm chores

Harvesting Crops

In September, we harvested six truckloads of pumpkins, squash, and gourds. In October, we harvested a few hundred pounds of tomatoes, beets, and potatoes. 

Harvesting beets

Trash Pickup

  • Trash Pickup at Draw Seven Park as part of the annual state-wide COASTSWEEP cleanup
  • Trash Pickup at Blue Hills
  • Trash Pickup at Middlesex Fells
  • Charles River Cleanup

Trash pickup at Fells

Trash pickup at Blue Hills

Trash pickup at Blue Hills

Trail work in Middlesex Fells

  • perform a variety of trail maintenance tasks, potentially including brushing in, brushing out, trash pick-up, debris/small-blowdown removal, among other tasks. 

Clear trails of blowdowns

Many others

  • Depave Somerville by using sledgehammers, pickaxes, and wheelbarrows to tear up asphalt from a “yard” in Somerville to allow the property owners to use the former lot for green space!
  • Boston Climate Strike, demand action from our lawmakers on the climate crisis.
  • Plan native species at Spy Pond.