Wilderness First Aid

Statement of Purpose

Young Members leaders are encouraged to maintain active WFA status.  The purpose is to have a baseline level of training to help leaders cope with first aid issues in the wild and be able to more successfully interact with professional agencies should the need arise.

A current WFA certification is required to be approved as a backcountry leader.

Future training dates

Recommended Training Providers


Reimbursement policy FAQs:

Who qualifies?

Any leader or co-leader who posts at least 2 trips within 12 months of taking the course.

I found this really cool WFA course in Colorado…

Sounds fun! Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay for that course on your own. We will reimburse up to $130 of qualified expenses.

What about other types of leadership training, or more advanced first aid classes?

The same amount applies to most types of training and reimbursement, and you can be reimbursed for two classes a year. (Assuming that you lead at least two trips per training class).

How can I apply to be reimbursed?

To apply for WFA reimbursement, please fill out this application.

You can also read the official YM Financial Policy for additional guidelines on other types of training and grants.